Il Corriere di Trieste

Italian elections and politicians: the enemy is them

State border at the Lisert, 10 February 2018

Analysis by Paolo G. Parovel

In May 1915, Italy attacked Austria-Hungary (LINK) violating their alliance, and sent its troops to invade the undefended border of Austrian Friuli, which, at Cervignano – Sarvignan, was along rivers Judrio and Aussa, crossed by an iron bridge. The first Italian officer who crossed the bridge found only an old Friulian man, bent on himself as he was fishing, and asked him: “My man, is the enemy around?”. The old man raised his head “Yes, sir: the enemy is you.”

On 4 March 2018 takes place the election of the Italian Parliament, with a new electoral law that is a scandalous, anti-democratic fraud, worse than any previous one, and with a political establishment that has become so incapable, irresponsible, and corrupted that it does only put into danger its own State, but also the economic and strategic balances of Europe and of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance.

The economic, institutional, and social decadence of Italy has since long crossed the line of default, it is beyond help, yet, it is tolerated by preventing its ultimate collapse, because, unlike Greece, the Italian peninsula has a central strategic and dimension for the West.

The Italian political establishment exploits this position since the end of World War II, and by it did it especially during the Cold War and during the conflicts in former Yugoslavia, in order to develop foreign policies and operations that contrast with the strategies of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance, and to accumulate a massive public debt.

The impunity of those behaviors favored the escalating degradation of the political establishment, from the Sigonella crisis (1985) to our days, when politicians and parties have no longer the capability or the intention to face the concrete problems of employment and increasing poverty in their Country, which are caused by they own misgovernment.

Their electoral campaigns consist in nothing more than promising unrealizable miracles, accusing their opponents to be more corrupted than they are, and creating, from the right to the left wing, imaginary enemies to fight: illegal immigrants, the European Union, “populism”, and now even Freemasonry as such.

But when it comes to illegal immigration in Italy (LINK), or excessive submission to the European Union, the actual culprits are the same Italian politicians who are now exploiting those in opposing “populist” clashes, while regular Freemasonry is a legitimate organization in all civilized Countries (LINK), and it has nothing to do with the pseudo-masonic titles of forms of corruption which are actually a cultural, constant element of the Italian political and mafia-like system.

It is the cultural, constant element described as early as in 1918 in the “Codice della vita italiana” (The Code of Italian Life) by Giuseppe Prezzolini: «It is not true that Italy is a disorganized Country. We must understand: here the form of organization is the camorra. The Party as the religion, municipal as economic life do inevitably take this aspect. There is no lack of discipline, but it is the kind of discipline of the camorra, the super discipline that goes from the fas to the nefas.»

One century later, on the 4 March 2018 election, the Italian politicians who bear this form of “ultra-discipline” are going to invade also the present-day Free Territory of Trieste (sub-entrusted to the responsibility of their Government – LINK), crossing the border between the two States on the bridge the on river Lisert to ask us if the imaginary enemies they ask to be voted to fight against are around.

Ant this time it will be us, old and new people of Trieste, to raise our heads and answer to those Italian politicians: “Sirs, here, like in Italy, the enemy is you.”

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